OpenCart Themes

Why You Need A Template For Your OpenCart Store

A lot of OpenCart users run successful stores with the ‘out of the box’ default template/theme that comes with OpenCart and that’s perfectly fine if they envisage the majority of their customers visiting their store on a PC rather than a mobile device. The default template will display on mobile devices but it’s not a…

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What are OpenCart Profiles?

A frequent question that I’m asked is “What are OpenCart Profiles?” The answer I give is “If you are selling products by instalment payments or if your products are a subscription etc. then setting up profiles is the way to easily manage this.” Just like with everything OpenCart related, I have a video to explain…

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Great Tips From The OpenCart Blog and Start Online Here

If you haven’t visited OpenCart’s Blog Page yet, now would be a good time to do so as their latest blog gives you 9 Tips for Perfect Product Descriptions. Just to summarise these are as follows; 1. Look Before You Leap 2. Use Original Content 3. Keyword Rich Content 4. Make It Fun 5. Think Like Your…

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