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Yes I would like to start earning extra money so How Does It Work?
We use ClickBank.com as our affiliate program provider. They handle all the billing and payments. Basically you send people to StartOnlineHere.com via a special URL called a HopLink where they will hopefully make a purchase and you will get paid a commission from the net proceeds.

How much can I earn?
Earnings are potentially unlimited. Here is an example; If you send a paying customer to StartOnlineHere.com and they buy a product for $97, the product will include Value Added Tax of 23% (charged by ClickBank) so the actual price of the product is $78.86 of which ClickBank takes 7.5% plus $1 for its services which means there will be approximately $72 remaining (depending on currency exchange rates for the $1). There may also be a deduction from this for payment processing fees. You will then get 50% of the remaining balance which is approximately $35 for every paying referral you send to Start Online Here.

What is a Hop Link?
A HopLink referral tracking URL is just a website address, like www.startonlinehere.com or www.google.com. However, these referral tracking URLs are special, because they route traffic through the ClickBank HOP™ referral tracking system. Each referral tracking URL includes customized information that directs people who click on the URL to a ClickBank vendor's website - namely StartOnlineHere.com (The Vendor). The Hop referral tracking system also captures information about who was responsible for that visit— namely you (The Affiliate). This ensures that if a customer clicks on a HopLink referral tracking URL you've posted and ends up buying the product within 60 days, you get credit for the sale and receive a commission.

Are You Ready To Promote and Earn? Lets Get Going!
Step 1: All you have to do is sign up for a free account with ClickBank. This is simply an account where you set up a username (Nickname), password and how you would like to be paid.

Step 2: After you get your ClickBank account and know your ClickBank Nickname, simply use the link/s below on your website, newsletter, banner, blog and any other creative ways you can think to get it out there. Start promoting the product with your affiliate link by replacing the 'xxx' with your ClickBank username and copying & pasting the link to where you would like to promote it.
Link Share:

startohere is our ClickBank merchant username so all referal links to our site will look like this http://xxx.startohere.hop.clickbank.net with the xxx representing the affiliates username - namely you. For example if your ClickBank username was harry1234 the link would look like this http://harry1234.startohere.hop.clickbank.net making sure to keep the rest of the link EXACTLY as you see it here.

Banner Links: Replace the 'xxx' with your ClickBank username in the banner link/s and copy the full HTML code and the banner image shown above it will display where ever you place the code.

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Learn How To Use Opencart
Learn How To Use Opencart

In the mean time if you need to contact me please email info@startonlinehere.com with details.
Disclaimer: Any estimates of how much affiliates can make by promoting my product/s is just that- an estimate and not a guarantee.
Anti-Spam Policy: I will not tolerate affiliates who promote my product/s through illegal or unethical techniques, ClickBank may terminate you affiliate account, and you will not be allowed to promote my product/s if you do so.