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If you haven’t visited OpenCart's Blog Page yet, now would be a good time to do so as their latest blog gives you 9 Tips for Perfect Product Descriptions. Just to summarise these are as follows;

1. Look Before You Leap

2. Use Original Content

3. Keyword Rich Content

4. Make It Fun

5. Think Like Your Customer

6. Easy To Read

7. Social Proof

8. Product Stories

9. What Makes It Better?

Another important aspect is the Category Description; this should encompass the 9 tips from OpenCart and include as many product keywords relevant to that category as possible. Try to make the Category Description flow so as not to have the keywords looking forced.

If you’re like me, writing a seamless description or article doesn’t come naturally so you may want to outsource this to somewhere like or If you have a lot of categories this could end up being costly so maybe just consider outsourcing the main categories to begin with.

As with Tip Number 2 from #OpenCart 'Use Original Content', this can sometimes be difficult but if you are outsourcing, give the job on the provision that the content be original but to include your relevant keywords and any other Must Have content that you require.

You are probably thinking to yourself 'How Will I Know If The Content Is Original?' I use a service called to check and see if any content that I have had created via outsourcing has ever been used anywhere on the internet. This service costs just 5cent USD per search but if having an unique description, article, blog post etc is important to you (and it should be) then its well worth doing.

Another great way to get noticed by search engines is to include a video/s in the category and/or product description fields particularly a YouTube video. Ideally the video should be created with the same key components as per the OpenCart 9 tips and the tips above and if you can create it yourself with your own unique spin on the category or product that would be even better. Ensure you include all the keyword as tags for the video along with any relevant category and/or product tags. If video creation is not your thing then you can simply outsource it again to somewhere like or

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