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When you're starting to build your Opencart online shop you will need to upload product images and I recommend doing this by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) especially if you already have all your images on your device.

A great piece of FREE software for doing this is FileZilla. FileZilla opens your website root folder (sometimes called public_html) on your device in a split screen along with the folders and files of your device so you can simply drag and drop your images and any other files you need to upload to your website.

You can look over my shoulder as I do this in a video on my course 'Start An Online Store'. FileZilla FREE download can be found here

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I use open source software to create professional looking e-commerce websites. I started a few years ago when my son asked me to help him set up an online store selling skateboards to support his passion for the sport. I spent hours and hours researching before I found the solution that I now use. Since then I have set up e-commerce websites for several friends and this soon spilled over into paying customers. I started to record videos showing my students how to do each step from a complete beginner’s point of view and I have now set up this course to teach a wider audience how to Do It Yourself and save thousands by building their own online shop.

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