OpenCart 2.0

OpenCart 2.0 Just Released

OpenCart has just released the long awaited version 2.0 of their fantastic shopping cart.

I've been testing it prior to general release and I have to say that I'm well impressed with all the new features especially the new fully responsive design. In my last post here I spoke about the importance of having a mobile responsive template but the new version address the issues faced with this. A lot of the new features could have been installed with extensions, themes, modules add-on's etc. but this was messy and costly as not all Good Ones were free.

Other new features of version 2.0 are;

  • OCmod - virtual file modification
  • Redesigned admin area and front end
  • More payment gateways included in the standard download
  • Event notification system
  • Custom form fields

The down side at the minute is It's New and with new software there may be some bug and fixes required so it may not be as stable as the last version of the 1.5 ( Additionally as its new there aren’t very many compatible modules and extensions available but I'm sure the respective developers are working hard to update this and there will be more and more coming online as time goes by. OpenCart have said "OpenCart 1.5.6.* is still considered to be the most stable version of OpenCart available and will continue to be supported for the next six months."

If you are considering getting OpenCart and if you are looking for a proven shopping cart solution I would recommend using the version of Opencart for the time being and simply upgrading in a few months time when any/all the bugs have been worked out.

If you are already running an online store with OpenCart and want to upgrade I would advise you to make sure that any modules and extensions you need to use with your store are compatible with OpenCart 2.0 before downloading it.

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