Upgrading Your OpenCart Store

As you are probably aware by now OpenCart released version two of their free shopping cart software at the beginning of last month and in my last blog post I advised you not to be in a hurry to upgrade as with new software there may be some bug and fixes required and as its new there weren’t very many compatible modules and extensions available.

The developers have been working hard and now there is currently over 1000 extensions available from the OpenCart Extensions Store and iSenseLabs so now would be a good time to consider updating your store.

My preferred method of upgrading is via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) so I have attached a video showing how I do this. I made the video some time ago so it shows the upgrading of version 1.5 but the process is the same for version 2.0. You will need some software to use the FTP method and I highly recommend Filezilla FREE FTP Software for this.

Hope this was helpful and I value any feed back that you may have.
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Post By - Paul Keaveney - Founder of StartOnlineHere.com

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I use open source software to create professional looking e-commerce websites. I started a few years ago when my son asked me to help him set up an online store selling skateboards to support his passion for the sport. I spent hours and hours researching before I found the solution that I now use. Since then I have set up e-commerce websites for several friends and this soon spilled over into paying customers. I started to record videos showing my students how to do each step from a complete beginner’s point of view and I have now set up this course to teach a wider audience how to Do It Yourself and save thousands by building their own online shop.

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