VAT Rates For Your EU Customers

If you are V.A.T. registered and selling to countries within the european union you will need to read this.

On 1 January 2015, new EU VAT rules came into effect changing the place of supply in respect of all supplies of telecommunications, broadcasting and e-services to consumers from the place where the supplier is located to the place where the consumer resides.

From this date, EU and non-EU business will have to register and account for VAT in every Member State in which they supply such services to consumers. Suppliers should be aware of the rules and rates of the Member State of consumption to ensure the correct VAT treatment. The EU Commission website provides relevant information on the VAT Rates in all Member States.

To further simplify the obligations of suppliers of such services, an optional new special scheme known as the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) also came into operation on 1 January 2015 allowing business to submit returns and pay the relevant VAT due to Member States through the web portal of one Member State, instead of having to register for VAT in multiple Member States.

Current VAT Rates are as follows;

  • AT – Austria: 20%
  • BE – Belgium: 21%
  • BG – Bulgaria: 20%
  • CY – Cyprus: 19%
  • CZ – Czech Republic: 21%
  • DE – Germany: 19%
  • DK – Denmark: 25%
  • EE – Estonia: 20%
  • GR – Greece: 23%
  • ES – Spain: 21%
  • FI – Finland: 24%
  • FR – France: 20%
  • GB – United Kingdom: 20%
  • HR – Croatia: 25%
  • HU – Hungary: 27%
  • IE – Ireland: 23%
  • IT – Italy: 22%
  • LT – Lithuania: 21%
  • LU – Luxembourg: 15%
  • LV – Latvia: 21%
  • MT – Malta: 18%
  • NL – Netherlands: 21%
  • PL – Poland: 23%
  • PT – Portugal: 23%
  • RO – Romania: 24%
  • SE – Sweden: 25%
  • SI – Slovenia: 22%
  • SK – Slovak Republic: 20%

Please don't take my word for it and visit the EU Commission website which will provide relevant information on the VAT Rates for all Member States. You will now need to adjust your VAT settings accordingly for your OpenCart store. Watch me do this HERE.

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