What are OpenCart Profiles?

A frequent question that I'm asked is "What are OpenCart Profiles?"

The answer I give is "If you are selling products by instalment payments or if your products are a subscription etc. then setting up profiles is the way to easily manage this." Just like with everything OpenCart related, I have a video to explain this as part of my 'Stat An Online Store' course.

Here is the Video:-

Post By - Paul Keaveney - Founder of StartOnlineHere.com

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I use open source software to create professional looking e-commerce websites. I started a few years ago when my son asked me to help him set up an online store selling skateboards to support his passion for the sport. I spent hours and hours researching before I found the solution that I now use. Since then I have set up e-commerce websites for several friends and this soon spilled over into paying customers. I started to record videos showing my students how to do each step from a complete beginner’s point of view and I have now set up this course to teach a wider audience how to Do It Yourself and save thousands by building their own online shop.

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